Endings, Beginnings, and More of the Same

Country RoadAs you read our May 2016 blog the spring semester is either almost over or has finished. Some of you will be leaving North Central Texas College and moving forward to new adventures, some will only be leaving for the summer and will return in the fall, and others of you will be staying on and taking (or teaching) summer courses with NCTC.

If you are leaving NCTC, either through graduation, transferring to another college to pursue a higher degree, you were here to take courses you’ve needed to update your skills and you’ve now finished them, or you are an NCTC employee who is leaving for another job, retirement, or another reason, we in the NCTC Libraries want to say that we’re glad you were here and wish you well as you go forth to other opportunities.  We sincerely hope that your stay at NCTC was good, that those of us in the library helped you when you needed us, and that you will remember the college and the NCTC Libraries with fondness.

If you are leaving NCTC only for the summer and plan to return to the college in the fall we hope your summer will be all you need – relaxing, fun-filled, etc. If you are in the area, we in the NCTC Libraries invite you to stop by to say “hi” and spend some time in our air-conditioned facilities in the heat of summer. If you’re going away for the summer, we look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

If you will be continuing with us through the summer by either taking classes or teaching them we in the NCTC Libraries want you to remember that the NCTC Libraries is available to you. During June and July our hours for the NCTC Libraries will be the following on Monday through Thursday:

Bowie, Flower Mound, and Gainesville Campus Libraries are open from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM;

Corinth Campus Library is open from 7:30 AM through 7:30 PM (hours subject to change).

All NCTC campuses will be closed Friday through Sunday during June and July, including holidays – such as Independence Day on July Fourth. During the hours that the library is closed we want to remind you that you can use the databases remotely through your MyNCTC login and you can use the Ask a Librarian form to send us an information request and we’ll answer when we’re open.

We look forward to helping you with finding information you need for your courses or for your own interests. And we hope you’ll also come to the library if you just need a place to relax when you are not in classes.

Contributed by Diane Roether, Dean of Libraries

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