New and Improved Subject Guides

In our ongoing efforts to bring quality research help to students, the librarians have revamped our subject guides!

You access our subject guides in the same manner as before. Go to the library’s website at and click on Research Help on the available menu.

Library Home

Once you arrive at the Research Help page, click on the link for Subject Guides, either near the center of the screen or on the right-hand menu.


We have total of 18 different guides, each covering a different relevant subject, ranging from Anthropology to Public Speaking.

Subject Guides

In each guide is an expandable menu of choices for Books, Databases, and Internet Resources. For some are choices for Videos, Podcasts, and other relevant choices based on the subject.


We also have some course-specific guides available based on course work for specific instructors. These are labeled as such and should be used in conjunction with instructions from your instructor.

Course Specific

We are excited about our new Subject Guides and hope that students and faculty will be as well. If you have any questions about our guides, please contact your campus librarian.

–Contributed by Shedrick Pittman-Hassett, Associate Dean of Libraries

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