Education Resources for Faculty, Staff, and Students

This month we’re taking a look at education and teaching resources. The NCTC Libraries offer a wide range of educational materials for administrators, staff, faculty, lifelong learning teachers, and students in our teaching program.  Below are a few highlights from our collection. Remember, we can always purchase titles for your classroom and for your professional development. Interlibrary Loan is also available free of charge to all students, staff, and faculty. Come in, call, or email us for more information.


A Handbook for Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty and Teachers of Adults by Donald Greive (Gainesville, Corinth, and Bowie) LB 2331 .G72 2003

This handbook is an excellent guide to tackling the daily problems associated with adjunct teaching. Greive’s book is filled with practical advice and strategies on a variety of topics from teaching adult students to course planning.

More Than Title IX: How Equity in Education Has Shaped the Nation bymore-than-title-ix-book Katherine Hanson, Vivian Guilfoy, and Sarita Pillai (Corinth) LC 1752 .H39 2009

More Than Title IX documents the history of gender equality in education. In addition to historical analysis, the book includes interviews with the men and women who helped make Title IX happen. It also details how gender equality in education has made a marked improvement in the lives of many.

On Grades and Grading: Supporting Student Learning Through a More Transparent and on-grades-and-grading-bookPurposeful Use of Grades by Timothy Quinn (Corinth) LB 3051 .Q57 2013

This slim volume takes a look at the pedagogical purposes for grading and address specific and controversial grading issues, including grading collaborative work, grading behaviors, and the use of technology in grading. Quinn offers strategies for improving grading systems and policies, as well as strategies for improving student learning.

Teaching Young Children Mathematics by Sydney L. Schwartz (Corinth) QA 135.6 .S437 2005

In this volume, Schwartz presents a comprehensive overview of mathematics instruction in the early childhood classroom. Topics include developmental understanding of concepts in mathematics, making real-world connections, and using mathematics to make literacy connections. The author also considers special needs students, family differences, and language barriers.


Early Childhood Education Settings and Approaches (Gainesville and Corinth) LB 1139.25 .E2655 2006 DVD

This video presents eight short segments that highlight a variety of early childhood educational centers and schools. Each segment focuses on the teacher’s role in the classroom and on the interactions between the children and teacher. Unique issues associated with each setting or approach are discussed.

 art-and-science-of-teaching-dvds-1-and-2Art and Science of Teaching. Part One, Effective Instructional Strategies (Corinth) LB 3013 .A783 2008 V1 DVD

Part one of Art and Science of Teaching introduces teachers to instructional strategies that are proven to be effective in raising student achievement.

Art and Science of Teaching. Part Two, Effective Classroom Management Strategies (Corinth) LB 3013 .A783 2008 V2 DVD

In part two of Art and Science of Teaching, classroom scenes are presented that show teachers how to combine the instructional strategies shown in part one with classroom management and curriculum design in order to create a better learning environment for the student.

Online Databases

Education Administration Abstracts 

This database covers topics in educational administration, including, but not limited to, educational leadership, educational management, and educational research. Despite the name, Education Administration Abstracts includes linked full text to many articles. When searching, be sure to click the box for ‘Linked Full Text’ in order to obtain these results.


ERIC (Education Resource Information Center)

ERIC is a database of education research and information, providing access to academic journals, governmental reports, conference papers, policy papers, and other education-related materials from 1966 to the present.

Professional Development Collection

Professional Development Collection is a highly specialized database for educators, librarians, and researchers. Topics included range from children’s health and school lunches to the cutting-edge of pedagogical theory and practice. Publications available in full text include “Chronicle of Higher Education,” “Community College Review,” and “New Directions for Community Colleges.”


Teacher Reference Center

Teacher Reference Center covers a variety of topics all the way from pre-K to higher education. Some of the areas covered include instructional media, school administration, best practices, and literacy standards. Teacher Reference Center does not include full text articles. However, your librarian can obtain articles for you at no cost with InterLibrary Loan. is a vast resource for teaching materials related to fiction and nonfiction books used in the K-12 environment. For individual titles you can find detailed quantitative and qualitative measures, guides and lesson plans, and interviews with authors and illustrators.



NCTC is a participant in Starlink, a consortium of Texas community colleges. Starlink offers professional development in higher education via online courses and videos. Faculty and staff can participate in Starlink free of charge. Professional development opportunities available through Starlink include courses on proactive advising, campus safety, student retention, hybrid instruction, and dual credit. For more information on using Starlink, see their FAQ at


–Contributed by Michelle McLaughlin, Librarian, Corinth Campus

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