change brings opportunityOne of the biggest things about starting a new school year is CHANGE. Students study new subjects with instructors they have never had before. Instructors teach subjects (sometimes new to them) to students they have never had before. Moms and dads send their children off to college while other moms and dads become college students. Whatever the change may be in your life, there is one thing that never changes: the NCTC libraries are here to help you.  We are adapting the way we serve you to accommodate a changing environment, but we are here!

Available in CANVAS to every NCTC student and instructor is the Library Tutorial. Please take advantage of this resource early in your semester. Instructors may want to make this a part of your class requirements. It is found in “courses.”

The NCTC Libraries have a YouTube channel! The link can be found on the Library home page at as well as the Library home page in MyNCTC.  It is full of short, informational videos that offer help with many things that apply to a wide variety of classes. From “Choosing a Topic” to “Accessing Databases 2.0” to “Basic Catalog Searching,” your NCTC Libraries can help.

Also found on those Library home pages are links to your NCTC Libraries’ Facebook, Twitter, and Blog.

As you take advantage of our ever-changing ways to serve you, please remember that a face-to-face visit is still the very best part of our day. NCTC librarians are available to conduct Library Information sessions in any class on any campus. Please call, email, or visit your local NCTC library to schedule that.

As instructors are tweaking their syllabi, now is the perfect time to make the NCTC Libraries a part of your students’ lives. Let us help you help them to CHANGE their lives.

–Contributed by Robin Studdard, Librarian, Bowie/Graham Campus

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